The Fish Soup Company is an independent little business for casual wear and underground clothing. Our productions are limited in quantity and aimed to those who are NOT mainstream fashionistas. Our garments suppliers are certified for fair trading and our designers have fully licensed us to use their unique artworks.

If you are into sci-fi, rock'n'roll, steampunk, swinging sixties, or a retro 50s oriented type, there's a good chance you may dig our style. Most important you need to feel our same rebel spirit and pirate attitude.

Our soup is made of all those tasty ingredients for a healthy living....Enjoy your staying!


The Jon Contino Collection is out now! With a special testimonial...

To have a Jon Contino signed collection for our brand is just awesome...We needed for its launch an adequate testimonial that could suit the style and the coolness of the garments and we thought that, former Italian Full Contact National Champion and Fifth Grade Black Belt  Muay Thai fighter, Federico Fragale, of the martial arts school of the same name, could fit the role. We are really grateful and honoured to host him as our model for this line. 

Breaking news: Jon Contino for Fish Soup

Breaking News: With much pride we are now able to announce that we have found a deal with one of the best designer worldwide, for our next project/collection. Ladiez and gentlemen, Jon Contino has honoured us of his art skills.We are well chuffed! Stay tuned! 


New York native Jon Contino is widely known for his unique style which combines old and new world aesthetics into a modern, minimalist style imitated the world over. His work reveals the influences of historical New York, contemporary street art, and the lost art of hand-drawn lettering. Through these images, his story is told as a designer and consultant to brands ranging from the smallest boutique start-ups to the largest international corporations.